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Our Story

 If you notice closely, you can see that I am one of those people that love to sing while being barefoot. I have been singing for many years in the privacy of my home all due to stage fright. learned that there were a high percentage rate among singers that go through this, so I clearly was not alone.


Singing barefoot was also not so uncommon amongst performers.

Singers like, Linda Ronstadt, Joss Stone, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Selena Gomez, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson, Patti LaBelle,, Mandy Moore, Jewel, and Colbie Calliat have been singing onstage with their feet exposed throughout the duration of their careers.. 

Then I began to question why?  Holy Spirit lead me to look it up. To my surprise, I found out that some singers perform in their bare feet, mainly to alleviate stage fright. This was mind blowing to me. Clearly their could be more reasons, but this is what made perfect and complete sence. This is just the beginning of my journey with Bared Soles. 



In the beginning

Newly appointed Prophetic Worshipper Lissette Torres Gonzalez, found herself battling fear that had plagued her for most of her life. Singing Karaoke became motivation, because she knew she would not be judged and it was all simply for fun.

As she grew closer to the Lord, she was instilled with the gift of worship. Given the fear of crowds, people and the stage, she felt this would be an impossibility, but the conviction and her love of God helped her press forward, in all the opportunities given to her in reference to singing. 

In preparation in becoming a Worshipper, Lissette realized that the prophetess of her church, walked  up to the pulpit to preach without shoes. Jokingly, but truthfully, the prophetess announced that she had to remove her shoes". She continued explaining why she preferred to be barefoot and expressed how she felt grounded and that it gave her a deeper connection with Holy spirit, She also referenced how mosses, was also barefoot in many ocassions. 


Lissette felt a shift in her spirit at that moment, as if could this be the reason why I would always prefer to be barefoot. Knowing that she was particular in walking  barefoot in the house of the Lord and hygienically it was something she did not even want to do.

Another Sunday came to pass and her nerves gave way that she almost tripped on the pulpit. On this day, she wore high heeled shoes. Lissette felt in her spirit the voice of the Lord that said,

"Next time, just take off your shoes." the following Sunday she proceeded to prepare for her worship and without any concern and much encouragement from the barefoot prophetess before, she encountered a spiritual difference as she  worshipped.  She began  growing more in her worship and losing  the fear.  Lissette states that God even uses the bad for good at times. It shakes people into completing something for his graces, for his kingdom. and their begins her story.

 Worshipping with no shoes was the most comfortable ever and that triggered the idea for the bared Soles concept. looking like she had shoes on but was able to still feel the ground beneath her. How about if someone someones in on my feet:? questioned.  It would not be cute she thought.  Barefoot sandals where nothing new and she loved them  but instead of her  buying some and selling them, or buying some for herself for my worshipping.  Holy Spirit spoke again to her, telling her to make them, and once again, she froze. Feeling the incapabilities of running a  small business or even desiring it was her concern. This was a product already created and sold by many companies., she though it would be a waste of time.  Then  the Lord gave a her a vision of  all the stores that sold similar items, but where all as successful as their counter part stores. This lead her to believe that her product would be different. Her anointing and those drawn to her spirit and Holy Spirit would support all that  she would create. do. We are all unique.


So given the fact that this was already a product that she loved, she found it to be a fun project that God instilled in her to do, with lots of love and mostly because it would be work  the Lord.,

Barefoot sandals were  to be for the the reason on the lord. 

Our Sandals

It's more than just a barefoot sandal.  Our sandals are hand crafted and made of materials commonly used in the old testaments and new testament We have takena Christian approach in incorporating the word of God into our product. Every piece will have one or more than one items linked to what we would have seen in the times of Christ. .such as steel copper and some of our signature pieces  have Gold. Hemp, burlap, wool, olive wood, stones. etc. 


and jesus sayid........ gottta add scriptures.....


Other bare foot sandals

Our sandals are made to order. All designs  are created by Lissette Torres Gonzalez. They are sketched and thought out  before creating. 

 Bared Soles is a company based in the United States and is focused on faith based Christian beliefs.


All sandals have a story to tell and a reason for their designs. 

you will receive a jewelery cleaner silk cloth.

all items have been prayed upon and anointed 


All sandals designs  where lead by holy spirit and you will get detailed information on its creation

All praise and glory goes to him.

authentic stones and sands from jerusalem, glass beads olive wood used int bible. pearls....

Every item will come with specific and details of the materials used.. the purpose is to introduce as much of the scripture in for of materials into your anointed step.


Egypt is one such country where foot jewelry has always been labeled as royal and high ranked. As history shows, anklets were widely worn by Egyptian women in their daily routines. These anklets were devised from different metals, and were available in varying shapes and sizes. As per the classes, gold was obviously worn by the rich women, whereas silver and iron were common among the lower classes. Anklets were thus termed as a compulsory accessory for women.


Clearly self explanatory, but I  did love it for another particular reason. Why? you ask the word Sole. pronounced exactly like the word Soul

, just spelled differently.  It has a double entendre that made it

Grounded Souls.... Yes. 

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